September 29, 2012


i've been dragging the kids and my mom on long walks every day, in an effort to get things moving in the labor department. also, it's been raining a bit and keeping four littles indoors for extended periods of time is a recipe for disaster. they've been enjoying the screaming, running and free space of the great outdoors. this week has been filled with many false labor starts. it's incredibly frustrating. every time i think "we might meet our baby today", things slow back down and eventually stop. i'm trying to just be patient(not a quality i have ever possessed or exercised) and enjoy this time before he decides to come. i mean, he does have to come out eventually right? i do hope it's sooner rather than later. until then, i fully intend on partaking in every old wives tale i can come up with. let's hope they don't go seriously awry.

dear baby, i'm ready when you are.


September 27, 2012


the kids have been spending every waking minute outside the past few days. the weather has been beautiful and we're expecting rain later this week so, they are taking advantage of the outdoors while they can. my baby sister, jadyn is in town with my mom for a couple of weeks and the littles are loving having an everyday playmate. they are dirty, nasty and stinky by the end of each day but, they don't seem to mind one bit. they're having the greatest time and i'm enjoying chatting and drinking coffee with my mama every morning and watching sappy movies late at night. it certainly helps to pass the time until baby decides to come. i'm looking forward to the rest of our time together.

that little boy above is in desperate need of some quiet time with mama, so i better get to it. i hope all of you have a great week and don't forget to add in some dirty outdoor play too.


September 24, 2012


things are about to get real, y'all. we've made it to week thirty-eight and my midwife said to expect baby any day now. i. am. so. ready. i think all pregnant mamas start to feel this way at the end. i'm tired, uncomfortable and anxious to meet my newest little boy. i've been having lots and lots of contractions the last few days. that's been exhausting and confusing, wondering if it's "time" or not. my mama is here now and i'm praying baby will get the message that all is well on the outside and he should definitely join us soon. i mean, just look at his mama in that last photo, who wouldn't be excited to meet me?! and by the way, that's the hallelujah, i'm about to be un-pregnant dance!

let's do this little boy. your mama is impatiently awaiting your grand entrance into the world.

**what i'm wearing: dress, vintage. belt, thrifted. booties, thrifted.**


September 21, 2012


today the littles are spending the day with my dad and stepmom. that means this mama has the whole house to herself. chances are this won't be happening again anytime in the near future. i have to say it's been pretty darn nice to catch up on laundry, eat an uninterrupted hot meal, watch a little 30 rock and just rest a bit. 

however, as much as i appreciate a little time to myself, i don't usually last long before i start crazy missing my babies. i think when you grow up in a big family, chaos and noise just become your norm. when you get older the absence of those things can be unsettling. most of the time this place resembles the san diego zoo and i kind of love it like that, because it feels like home. 

so i think i'll go out for a walk, while i wait anxiously for my little herd to arrive safely back at the zoo. oh, my mama and baby sister are arriving from texas tomorrow! we are so excited to see them and feeling relieved that my mama will be here for the baby's birth. there's sure to be more excitement and crazy animals to come. and probably not so much time at home alone. i'm totally okay with that.


see? you'd miss them too!

September 19, 2012


1. my grandma's cradle that each of our babes has slept in.
2. vintage baby quilt, pillow made my me with thrifted vintage fabric, vintage wood block art.
3. pretty diaper bag from serena and lily (this color is discontinued but, they are other pretty colors to choose from here).
4. muslin swaddle blankets, cozy throws, vintage quilts, cloth prefolds, newborn diaper covers and a few disposables(to not irritate the baby's cord stump the first week or so).
5. a teeny tiny newborn diaper cover from nicki's diapers. we love their imagine line.
6. jars of candles on my bedroom window sill, waiting to be lit and welcome a little boy into the world.
7. the best gauze baby wrap ever from babyette on etsy. beth is amazingly talented and you should definitely support her family business. she takes custom orders as well.
8. madi belle, five days old.
9. jackson david, eight weeks old.
10. charlie hayden, about 45 minutes old.

well, baby boy, we're ready for your arrival. i'm hoping you will oblige and come out to meet us very soon. nana and auntie jadyn are coming on saturday, so anytime after that is just fine. i've been stopping every time i pass by these pictures of your big brothers and sister. wondering what you will look like and imagining how many hours i'll spend studying your little features, just as i did with each of them. we cannot wait to love on you. come whenever you're ready but, please don't be late. we love you to the stars already.


September 17, 2012


i'm convinced there are no better friends on the earth, than the ones i call my own. they are the loveliest, most precious, kindred spirits and i am elated to have them as a part of my life. my two sweet sister friends (not to be confused with sister-wives) planned a simple little celebration for baby boy this weekend. there was good food, great coffee and exquisite company. it was a nice, peaceful time together before the littlest jones arrives. everyone brought adorable gifts for baby and some treats for mama too. (i'll be hoarding that dark chocolate like gollum with the ring.) and how gosh darn cute are those handmade alphabet magnets, made by my crazy talented friend renee?!

there was something so special about having madi belle there with me. she was the life of the party as usual. she loved opening gifts for me and chasing around auntie can-can's puppy. she is such a joy to my heart and has been an amazing help during this pregnancy. she's going to be a sensational big sister again. i'm blessed to have her as my little companion and deeply cherish the bond between us.

thank you to all my beloved friends for sharing your time and love today. you made me feel loved more than you know.


footnote: my friend beth snapped these shots today. you can check out her beautiful photography here.

September 15, 2012


the weather this week has been spectacular. like the kind of spectacular that just begs you to come out and play. after an assortment of illnesses and one too many hours cooped up inside, we were all getting cabin fever. this little day adventure at the park was just what we needed. anytime inspiration is lacking, i tell the kids we're going on a secret adventure and we need to pack a lunch. they typically let out a collective squeal and rush off to get their adventure gear ready to go. this time was no exception. they were positively giddy on the drive out to fox run park and the day didn't disappoint. we had a picnic lunch under the trees, played at the playground with new friends, examined a squished squirrel on the road(not my idea), sat by the pond watching the giant koi fish swim around, found rocks in the creek with tiny, slimy, squirmy things on them and hiked through the woods collecting pine cones for a craft project. the kids studied frogs a couple of weeks ago and were thrilled to spot a few frogs hanging around some algae in the pond and loads of tadpoles swarming about too. mama was thrilled to see the fall colors appearing, like on that little sapling pictured above. it was a lovely afternoon with my sweet ones. it always makes me so grateful for this time i get to be with them, rather than sending them off to school each day. they make my heart full.