September 24, 2012


things are about to get real, y'all. we've made it to week thirty-eight and my midwife said to expect baby any day now. i. am. so. ready. i think all pregnant mamas start to feel this way at the end. i'm tired, uncomfortable and anxious to meet my newest little boy. i've been having lots and lots of contractions the last few days. that's been exhausting and confusing, wondering if it's "time" or not. my mama is here now and i'm praying baby will get the message that all is well on the outside and he should definitely join us soon. i mean, just look at his mama in that last photo, who wouldn't be excited to meet me?! and by the way, that's the hallelujah, i'm about to be un-pregnant dance!

let's do this little boy. your mama is impatiently awaiting your grand entrance into the world.

**what i'm wearing: dress, vintage. belt, thrifted. booties, thrifted.**


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  1. In photo three i believe i see the 1st generation of the notorious mischievous
    expression of Charlie.