September 17, 2012


i'm convinced there are no better friends on the earth, than the ones i call my own. they are the loveliest, most precious, kindred spirits and i am elated to have them as a part of my life. my two sweet sister friends (not to be confused with sister-wives) planned a simple little celebration for baby boy this weekend. there was good food, great coffee and exquisite company. it was a nice, peaceful time together before the littlest jones arrives. everyone brought adorable gifts for baby and some treats for mama too. (i'll be hoarding that dark chocolate like gollum with the ring.) and how gosh darn cute are those handmade alphabet magnets, made by my crazy talented friend renee?!

there was something so special about having madi belle there with me. she was the life of the party as usual. she loved opening gifts for me and chasing around auntie can-can's puppy. she is such a joy to my heart and has been an amazing help during this pregnancy. she's going to be a sensational big sister again. i'm blessed to have her as my little companion and deeply cherish the bond between us.

thank you to all my beloved friends for sharing your time and love today. you made me feel loved more than you know.


footnote: my friend beth snapped these shots today. you can check out her beautiful photography here.


  1. oh dear friend...I'm so glad we got to celebrate you! I love you dearly and your sister wives comment almost made me snort my coffee!!

  2. Those little letters are the absolute sweetest! Looks like a great time celebrating a new life:)