November 12, 2013


this was our first year celebrating halloween. paul and i never celebrated it when we were children, but thought it might be fun to let the kids participate in some way. we decided trick or treating is not really our thing, but the kids had the best time handing out candy to trick or treaters at home and seeing all the fun costumes.

they got some new costumes from grandma kelly and i must say, a more attractive bunch of creatures has never been seen. as you can see, they didn't really get that into it. especially madi, that kid just has no sense of adventure. i think they wore those costumes for almost six hours that day and were wearing them again by breakfast the next morning. these crazy ones. we love 'em.

happy (ever so very, very late) halloween!



When I have said my evening prayer,
And my clothes are folded on my chair,
And mother switches off the light,
I'll still be eleven months old tonight.
But from the very break of day,
Before the children rise and play,
Before the darkness turns to gold,
Tomorrow I'll be one year old.
One sweet kiss when I wake,
One little candle on my cake.

we visited wishing star farm for jesse finn's first birthday and it was such a fun little adventure. all kinds of animals to see and pet, games to play, ponies to ride, hay pyramids to climb, tunnels to roll in, family and friends to laugh with.


jesse's range of emotions on this day were anywhere from disgust to horror to annoyance to bitter anguish. he had a bad experience.

jesse finn doesn't like farms.

jesse finn doesn't like animals.

jesse finn doesn't like pumpkins.

jesse finn doesn't like games or hay or tunnels or many of his birthday attendees either.

all jesse finn likes is milk and mama's arms.

needless to say, it was not the grand festive occasion we had in mind, but madi and charlie had a fantastic time. jacks was at home sick.

hey, there's always next year right? and i promise we won't go anywhere that smells like poop.

happy birthday to our littlest love. hope you get over your farmaphobia someday.



madi and jack are attending a waldorf-methods charter school this year. this is an enormous change for us, as we have been homeschooling the past two years. we felt that we needed something different this year and god provided this fantastic, beautiful, magical school for the children. we couldn't be happier with our decision and the experience that the children are having there.

we had really been been lacking a community of like-minded families while homeschooling and the community that we've settled into here feels like it was just meant to be. we are so grateful for the wonderful teachers and staff at our new school and for all the many, precious friends we have made.

the photos above are of the opening ceremonies at our school. all of the children presented their teacher with a single flower to create a lovely bouquet and received a welcome flower in return. it was really sweet and special. i could ramble on for hours(or paragraphs) about waldorf education and how it aligns beautifully with our desires for our children. instead i'll just give a quick summary of what madi and jacks have been up to the past four months.

 drawing ~ watercolor painting ~ poetry recitation ~ singing ~ playing the recorder ~ finger knitting ~ crocheting ~ speaking spanish ~ cooking arts ~ eurythmy(movement) ~ jumping rope at recess ~ walking to the library ~ visiting a pumpkin farm ~ raising chickens, goats and rabbits ~ beeswax modeling ~ carving their own knitting needles ~ growing a garden ~ harvesting vegetables ~ building a greenhouse ~ storytelling

as you can see, waldorf education is much more than reading, writing and math. we love everything about our new school and are looking forward to all of the experiences that lie ahead. i'll share much more about school soon!



remember that time we had a blog and we kept it updated in a timely manner and full of fun photos and witty remarks?

me either.

the pace of life doesn't have much respect for our personal preferences it would seem.

we've had so very many changes in our life the last few months. too many to recall or describe in great detail. things are going well now and despite the usual setbacks that all families face, illness, sibling rivalry and the like, we are finally finding our new family rhythm.

my goal is to update our blog on a regular basis again, because it is something i enjoy doing and it is important to me. i love looking back at our past adventures on here.

here are just a few captures of our july fourth this year. we just chilled around the house with friends and family. no fireworks again this year, because of the fires in june. it was still a lovely, peaceful holiday with everyone. can you tell there was a little love in the air? i'd trade that for fireworks any day.

happy holidays. (more like happy thanksgiving.)