September 21, 2012


today the littles are spending the day with my dad and stepmom. that means this mama has the whole house to herself. chances are this won't be happening again anytime in the near future. i have to say it's been pretty darn nice to catch up on laundry, eat an uninterrupted hot meal, watch a little 30 rock and just rest a bit. 

however, as much as i appreciate a little time to myself, i don't usually last long before i start crazy missing my babies. i think when you grow up in a big family, chaos and noise just become your norm. when you get older the absence of those things can be unsettling. most of the time this place resembles the san diego zoo and i kind of love it like that, because it feels like home. 

so i think i'll go out for a walk, while i wait anxiously for my little herd to arrive safely back at the zoo. oh, my mama and baby sister are arriving from texas tomorrow! we are so excited to see them and feeling relieved that my mama will be here for the baby's birth. there's sure to be more excitement and crazy animals to come. and probably not so much time at home alone. i'm totally okay with that.


see? you'd miss them too!

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