September 15, 2012


the weather this week has been spectacular. like the kind of spectacular that just begs you to come out and play. after an assortment of illnesses and one too many hours cooped up inside, we were all getting cabin fever. this little day adventure at the park was just what we needed. anytime inspiration is lacking, i tell the kids we're going on a secret adventure and we need to pack a lunch. they typically let out a collective squeal and rush off to get their adventure gear ready to go. this time was no exception. they were positively giddy on the drive out to fox run park and the day didn't disappoint. we had a picnic lunch under the trees, played at the playground with new friends, examined a squished squirrel on the road(not my idea), sat by the pond watching the giant koi fish swim around, found rocks in the creek with tiny, slimy, squirmy things on them and hiked through the woods collecting pine cones for a craft project. the kids studied frogs a couple of weeks ago and were thrilled to spot a few frogs hanging around some algae in the pond and loads of tadpoles swarming about too. mama was thrilled to see the fall colors appearing, like on that little sapling pictured above. it was a lovely afternoon with my sweet ones. it always makes me so grateful for this time i get to be with them, rather than sending them off to school each day. they make my heart full.



  1. Hi Bethany, I'm Anne from Life on the Funny Farm (, visiting from Naptime Review. Your pics are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Beautiful kids!
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  3. Adorable pictures! Looks like you had a great time. I have to say I absolutely love your blog format and header. It is so clean and simple- easy to navigate and not too cluttered. Beautiful choices! Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better... I'm excited to follow along!

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