November 12, 2013


remember that time we had a blog and we kept it updated in a timely manner and full of fun photos and witty remarks?

me either.

the pace of life doesn't have much respect for our personal preferences it would seem.

we've had so very many changes in our life the last few months. too many to recall or describe in great detail. things are going well now and despite the usual setbacks that all families face, illness, sibling rivalry and the like, we are finally finding our new family rhythm.

my goal is to update our blog on a regular basis again, because it is something i enjoy doing and it is important to me. i love looking back at our past adventures on here.

here are just a few captures of our july fourth this year. we just chilled around the house with friends and family. no fireworks again this year, because of the fires in june. it was still a lovely, peaceful holiday with everyone. can you tell there was a little love in the air? i'd trade that for fireworks any day.

happy holidays. (more like happy thanksgiving.)


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