November 12, 2013


madi and jack are attending a waldorf-methods charter school this year. this is an enormous change for us, as we have been homeschooling the past two years. we felt that we needed something different this year and god provided this fantastic, beautiful, magical school for the children. we couldn't be happier with our decision and the experience that the children are having there.

we had really been been lacking a community of like-minded families while homeschooling and the community that we've settled into here feels like it was just meant to be. we are so grateful for the wonderful teachers and staff at our new school and for all the many, precious friends we have made.

the photos above are of the opening ceremonies at our school. all of the children presented their teacher with a single flower to create a lovely bouquet and received a welcome flower in return. it was really sweet and special. i could ramble on for hours(or paragraphs) about waldorf education and how it aligns beautifully with our desires for our children. instead i'll just give a quick summary of what madi and jacks have been up to the past four months.

 drawing ~ watercolor painting ~ poetry recitation ~ singing ~ playing the recorder ~ finger knitting ~ crocheting ~ speaking spanish ~ cooking arts ~ eurythmy(movement) ~ jumping rope at recess ~ walking to the library ~ visiting a pumpkin farm ~ raising chickens, goats and rabbits ~ beeswax modeling ~ carving their own knitting needles ~ growing a garden ~ harvesting vegetables ~ building a greenhouse ~ storytelling

as you can see, waldorf education is much more than reading, writing and math. we love everything about our new school and are looking forward to all of the experiences that lie ahead. i'll share much more about school soon!


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