October 3, 2012


this was the second half of our day on monday. what an awesome place this was. this is the mordecai children's garden in denver. it's part of the botanic gardens and it's located on the rooftop of the parking structure. how cool is that? and yes, the view was amazing. everything at the children's garden is interactive and the littles played their hearts out. they put on a show at the sagebrush stage, bought and sold groceries at arlo's mercantile shop(all while speaking "spanish" mind you), they stopped to read and follow all of the little signs throughout the garden(mama thought the waddle sign was an insensitive suggestion to some of us), they had a little native american feast and fossil discovery at the roots'n rocks campsite, they got to climb marmot mountain and be eagles on pika peak, and finally they got to get soaked and build a dam in springmelt stream. they even made up a little tune about building their dam. it had the word dam in it about a thousand times and i think the other parents appreciated it as much as i did. thank goodness i was mature about it and didn't bust out laughing every time they started the song up again...not.

how very grateful i am for the freedom to spend our days like this. one of the many blessings of learning outside of school. i aim to never take that for granted. i love learning alongside these sweet kiddos and witnessing firsthand the joy of their discoveries. may there be many more wonderful adventures and songs about dams.


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  1. That's so awesome to have a place for kids like that! Your kids are absolutely gorgeous, can't wait to see the newest addition :)