October 5, 2012


monday morning we headed out with all the littles to the denver botanic gardens. the gardens were absolutely gorgeous. there were some amazing bamboo sculptures set up all around, vividly colored koi fish in the ponds and all kinds of crazy looking plants and flowers we've never seen before. so much to see. only we were with four children who love to explore and quickly tired of all the signs stating don't touch, stay on the path, no climbing, keep out and look only. you can see above what charlie thought of those signs. it wasn't long before the comments from the peanut gallery began. you know the ones, "are we allowed to do anything?!" and "there sure are a lot of rules here!" the saving grace was discovering quite possibly the best rolling hill that ever existed and the promise of a picnic lunch and fun times at the children's garden across the street.

i think we'll wait a few weeks and give it another try. i think if jack has a camera in hand and madi brings along her sketch book and pencils, they'll have a much better time. and charlie, well...he'll probably still yank the signs out of the grass and try to drive the stroller into the pond. if nothing else, memories will be made and we might even learn a little something amidst all the rules.


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