October 1, 2012


i know what you're thinking...what? no baby yet? umm, obviously not. i was starting to go a little crazy just sitting around with everyone staring at me, analyzing my every move, jumping at every little ouch! i decided that it would be a better idea to cram pack every moment of every day until this boy decides to make his grand entrance. so far we've managed a day at the park, a two-day star wars movie marathon, church(mostly spent dodging people and their obnoxious questions and remarks) and a two hour round trip drive to denver to spend the day the botanic gardens and children's garden, complete with a picnic lunch and four water logged littles. whew, i am exhausted. but i'd rather be exhausted and distracted, than bored and impatient.

more photos of our adventures to come...and maybe even a baby...maybe?


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