September 13, 2012


since we don't use a traditional curriculum to learn, i've been keeping a weekly journal and book list for each of the kids. it helps remind me that they are indeed learning everyday and it is a simple way to keep records in the absence of worksheets, tests, and other traditional methods. even after a rough week with the flu, a toddler who refused to nap and the exhaustion of being a billion months pregnant, i was still surprised when i looked at their journals and realized how many things they accomplished during the week. 

i've always loved christina's monthly activities and resources posts and i thought i'd use it as an inspiration to share our own unschooling resources for each month. things are constantly changing around here and since we're preparing to welcome a new baby anytime, i'm not sure exactly what our weeks will look like. that's one of the great things about unschooling though, no curriculum to get behind on. just new life adventures to learn from. for now, here is a little peek into our unschooling adventures in august.


out and about:

back to school breakfast at the park, grocery shopping, thrifting, church, playing at the park, riding bikes, new student orientation and meet the teacher night at our homeschool coop, watching daddy's softball games, date night with mommy, midwife visits with mommy, going to the movies with daddy, many, many trips to the library.

at home:

planning and hosting madi's birthday costume party, building teepee forts and climbing trees in the backyard, roasting marshmallows, making s'mores and camping in a tent in the backyard, reading, cooking, crafting, family devotions, rock scavenger hunt for solar system project, dressing up like a clown, painting faces and learning to juggle, playdates with friends.

classes and lessons:

taekwondo, cooking around the u.s., sunday school.


princess and superhero paper dolls, homemade decorations for birthday party, creating solar system mini lapbook and frogs mini lapbook, built model solar system, jewelry making, frog balloon craft, baked biscotti from scratch, made homemade pizzas, made paper campsites, painted the flag of italy, drew a sketch of michelangelo's david, wrote a menu of italian foods, drew a map of italy.

tv and dvds:

space dogs, avatar: the last airbender, a series of unfortunate events, the adventures of young indiana jones, man vs wild, how it's made, iron man 2, superhero squad, animal adventures, world's deadliest predators.


lego batman, bible trivia cards, sight word memory game, go fish, jenga, r2d2 operation, little big planet, pac-man, silly sentences, tag, hide and seek.


national geographic kids, game informer, hanna anderson catalog, lego catalog.



the solar system, 11 planets, stars and planets, read and learn bible, what a trip amber brown, it's justin time amber brown, nancy drew, mercury, space exploration, collision course, the moon, about amphibians, climbing tree frogs, watch them grow, a tadpole grows up, monsters of the deep, frogs, red-eyed tree frogs, all about frogs, poison dart frog, the case of the vanishing golden frogs, frogs and toads, amphibians, frogs, the dark knight, the man of steel, superfriends: crime wave, green lantern: guardian of earth.


  1. I love seeing what other homeschooling families are doing! we're not following a set curriculum either & it was nice to not have to stress about school when we welcomed our newest baby!

  2. I also get the best sense of accomplishment when I journal. The thing that I get to see is how much of our lives are "learning" even when it is not planned!

  3. Beautiful description of your family's natural learning. Thank you for sharing!

  4. That is a great idea to use a journal. It is always amazing when we actually start to track all we've done. Thanks for sharing at NOBH!