September 8, 2012


yep. i got the stomach flu for the first time since i was twelve years old and at thirty-five weeks pregnant, no less. wow, does it completely and utterly suck. what a miserable time i've had this week. did you know dehydration can cause painful contractions when you're pregnant? i didn't but, unfortunately i do now. thanks to some great suggestions from my midwife and getting to rest while paul held down the fort, i am feeling much better now. i'm already back in nesting mode and so darn ready for this baby to come. only four weeks now! here are some things that made the week a little more tolerable...

a pick me up pedi in my favorite fall shade.

last blooms of the season.

first blooms of the season.

some serious hydration.

surrogate mommas who bring dinner.



  1. oh no! we got a round of the flu just weeks before my last baby was due and it's no fun :( hope you feel better soon!

  2. So sorry to hear that ... yikes! Love the pedi though ... sometimes it's the little things, huh?!