September 3, 2012


it is officially september and we are pretty excited about that around here! one, our favorite season starts this month and two, baby brother is due next month. mama is ridiculously stoked about both of those, especially the second thing.

the mister and i have been nesting machines this weekend. okay, okay so maybe i've been a nesting machine and paul has to keep rescuing me from my overzealous projects. either way since friday we have gotten almost everything checked off our, okay MY list, and it feels darn good.

friday night we had a backyard campout with the littles. we really wanted to take them on a camping trip but, paul has been fighting a bad sinus infection and i wasn't sure about hauling my 34 week pregnant self into the woods alone at night to pee! which we all know would have been an hourly occurrence. so we opted to roast marshmallows and make s'mores on the back deck, watch an episode of man vs wild on the ipad and snuggle up in our tent for the night. it was actually really fun and i think we might just take trips to our backyard campsite a little more often.

saturday and sunday were mostly spent napping, watching movies and hanging out together. labor day was filled with a few more nesting projects and no, i did not make my sick husband help me this time. the afternoon brought a few minutes of rain, which we've been needing and our crazy kids were more than thrilled to soak it in, literally.

we hope you all had a wonderful labor day too. happy september!


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  1. As always, beautiful pics! Nothing like a diaper and a big fuzzy hat ... you should link that one up to all the "What I Wore Wednesday" posts!