September 1, 2012


the littles have been studying italy this week and since we're all about hands on learning over here, we didn't want to miss the opportunity to eat as much italian food as possible. we picked out a foods of italy cookbook at the library and each of the kids chose a recipe they wanted to try. madi chose a traditional biscotti, jack chose good ole cheese pizza. they wrote out the recipes, made a grocery list and went to the store with mommy to pick up what they needed. madi made her biscotti from scratch completely on her own. jack decided on pre-made pizza crust and jarred sauce. everything was super delicious, even though madi later announced to the family that she forgot to wash her hands before she rolled out the biscotti dough. we plan to continue eating an obscene amount of pizza, pasta and pastries while we study italy.

some of what the littles learned during our foods of italy night:

  • handwriting practice(writing out recipes)
  • list making skills
  • navigating the grocery store
  • adding up the cost of their food items
  • following written directions
  • reading fractions in recipes
  • accurately measuring ingredients
  • how to use the oven and set the timer
  • how to say cheese, delicious and enjoy in italian

*also, today the kids drew michelangelo's sculpture of david. and i mean all of david. we tried to contain our hysterical laughter as we examined their anatomy-detailed sketches. i gotta give them props, they really did do a great job. oh the joy and laughter of learning.



  1. What a great learning experience! That cheese pizza looks absolutely delicious! Sometimes the simplest foods are the best.

  2. Those black-and-whites are just gorgeous. LOVE the hands-on learning, and that it included an art lesson as well {that made me giggle}. Way to teach, Mom!