August 8, 2012


one of the things i've enjoyed most about being a mama is watching my kids enjoy the same things that i did as a little girl. the world has changed so much in the last twenty years but, there are a few things that i hope will stay around forever. like the squeals of excitement that happen when the kids hear the ice cream truck rounding the corner and sticking out their tongues to check what color it's turned from that bomb pop they just devoured. or evenings spent at the ballpark watching daddy and their uncles play softball, then running to the car in the pouring rain to listen to some tunes while we wait out the storm. 

so while i am counting down the moments till i step outside and breath in that soothing fall air, i am savoring every minute of summer nostalgia that surrounds me. from the dirty bare feet and joker stained cheeks to rainy august afternoons and one last birthday celebration. happy end of summer everyone. but dear autumn, don't be late!

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  1. Aww. your kids look so sweet! I have a little guy on the way at the end of September.. can't wait for his arrival and the many pictures to come!
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