August 12, 2012


this saturday our church held a back to school event for all the kids in the city. they gave away 3,000 backpacks full of school supplies, free lunches, haircuts, eye and dental exams. the kids spent the day eating sno cones, jumping in the bounce houses and hanging out with their friends.

the petting zoo was our last stop for the day and let me tell you these three were in. heaven. i'm pretty sure if me or paul had turned our backs for a second, one of them would have been stuffing that pony into the back of our car. charlie definitely tried to kidnap the bunnies a couple of times. luckily, they were too fat for him to get very far with.

i can't wait till we own a home and can get the kids an animal friend or two. this only encourages my dreams of living on a farm. after all, those ponies and goats would be awfully crowded in a city backyard, now wouldn't they? that day will come. in the meantime, we will find us some borrowed animal friends to love on and maybe try to kidnap one or two.


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