August 6, 2012


you see that mischievous little look? that's called "the charlie". it's the same look he's sporting in the photo below. and it has a very specific meaning...i did something naughty, i'm doing something naughty, or i'm about to. 

i'm almost positive "the charlie" look happened before this photo too. in hindsight, we should have known to always show the proper respect for that look. we didn't this morning and oh the price we paid.

don't be mistaken, the photo with the blue paint on charlie's belly was not taken this morning. it would however, have been happily welcomed in exchange for the actual event that took place.

mr jones was showering before his chiro appointment and mama was about to start yoga. big sister and brother were playing in the basement and had been reminded numerous times to keep the basement door closed! we keep all of our art supplies in the basement school room and mommy and daddy both have off-limits workspaces down there. needless to say, not the appropriate playroom for a two year old. i saw charlie lingering around the basement door before i queued up my yoga dvd and he was totally rocking his signature mischievous look. i realize now he was thinking, just you wait till that door swings open. i will book this tiny tush downstairs and wreak havoc like the hulk on that place! well, he did and he did. less than ten minutes later i heard jack shouting, "mommy, charlie threw paint all over me!"

with each step i took down the stairs, the nausea in my stomach was growing and rightly so. the hallway, living room and guest room in the basement looked like a scene out of a slasher movie...only in a horrific shade of jet black. walls, carpet, toys, tv, doors, nothing was spared a nicely slung streak of black craft paint. it was one of those disasters that makes you want to step back slowly and shut the door behind you, hoping it was just a bad dream. about 6 gallons of water, 1 gallon of vinegar, 12 permanently stained towels later and everything is back to normal. it took nearly 4 hours to get the paint out of our beige carpet and paul and i have the bloody fingertips and raw knuckles to prove it.

the day will come when we'll just laugh a little about this. until then, dennis the menace is currently napping. all that destruction must have been exhausting. and we will be summoning every ounce of grace and patience we can for the rest of his toddler years. lord, beer us strength!

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