May 23, 2012


mama's wearing: swimsuit, la blanca. skirt, j.crew. sandals, target. sunnies, drugstore.

i guess i kinda skipped a couple of weeks here, but truth be told i was just not in the mood to do photos those weeks. we've been in texas since last monday and have enjoyed time at the pool, the lake and the beach. these photos were taken by my mom just before we left the lake a few days ago. it was so relaxing to lay by the water on this gorgeous day. thank you texas for the amazing weather.

as you can see the baby belly has exploded since week 16. the daily tex-mex, sno cones and other vacation binging haven't helped the situation either. i really need to get back to eating healthy and continuing my yoga routine....after vacation that is. six more days and we'll find out if baby is a girl or boy. the anticipation is driving us all crazy. we can't wait to know! the countdown continues.


  1. I enjoyed seeing you, your Mom and sisters. What a joy to see you again. Love looking at your pics. This one reminds me so much of your Mom. I can remember that pose so vividly. Keep them coming.
    Love ya,

  2. Love you Sissy. You are beautiful as always! Can't wait to find out who's hiding in your tummy! boy or girl? boy or girl? boy or girl? Ahhhhh.....