May 21, 2012


my favorite meal to eat out has always been breakfast. there's just something about pulling your hair up, tossing on a sweater with sneakers and heading out first thing in the morning for delicious food...prepared by someone else. i absolutely adore manitou springs. it's a tiny old town south of the springs, filled with crazy shops on main avenue, old hippies, penny arcades and more navaho turquoise jewelry and homemade fudge than you can imagine. not to mention it hosts adam's mountain cafe, which has the best breakfast in the state. their menu is all organic, locally produced foods and drinks. their avocado omelet and cream sherry potatoes always do a body good.

we stopped in here for breakfast last saturday with some of my siblings, my dad and stepmom. we waited forever to eat, but it was totally worth it. of course, we all made ourselves sick playing on a local playground afterwards and squealing like children. it too, was totally worth it. it was a good day.

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