November 1, 2012


you know those times when you plan an evening with the family carving pumpkins, drinking hot cocoa, laughing and enjoying each other's company...and then the time comes and it all goes to hell. yep, it pretty much happened just like that. the pumpkin carving got a very late start, the toddler was without his daily nap, mama was grouchy and tired, jack hummed the batman theme song about a billion times despite our many pleas to stop and jesse finn made it clear that he was only here for the milk. 

the pumpkins did indeed get carved, dinner was served via boxed mac and cheese, hot cocoa was skipped, kids were sent to bed and the night ended rather peacefully. i think we were just glad it ended at all. maybe we were in need of a reminder that having a family sometimes means adjusting our plans and expectations. i think we'll be doing quite a bit of that over the next...twenty or...fifty years. it seems on of those times is upon us now. i planned to get some blogging done, jesse finn planned to eat every hour on the hour. time to adjust and snuggle my sweet boy.


*my apologies for the grainiest photos ever.

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