October 29, 2012


i've always been an advocate for children making their own choices. i think it's one of the best things a parent can do to nurture their child's unique identity. we've always said the kids can decide how to dress(although we certainly encourage weather-appropriate attire), how to cut or not cut their hair, what activities and classes they want to participate in, etc. that being said, i'll admit that i ignored jacksie's haircut request all summer long. he said he was tired of it being long, it was irritating him at his taekwondo class and he wanted it "really short". talk about breakin a mama's heart. i love my boy with his signature long locks. it was pretty darn difficult to see him walk through the door without them. it was as if i expected him to come home with a new personality to compliment his new hair. not a chance. he came home my same little jacksie and i'll just chock it up to coincidence that he let me know later on "my name is jackson, not jacksie". alas, he loves his new look and i'm happy for him. now to come up with new ways to convince him never to cut it again....hmm.


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