August 17, 2012


in a perfect world i would make this from all fresh ingredients and let it simmer in the crockpot (i actually don't even own a crockpot) for a few hours until dinner time. in that world i would also have a sparkling clean house and be rocking a charming set of pearls june cleaver style. geez, my head is spinning. back to the real world now folks. half an hour till the mister gets home, the discovery of freshly crayoned wall murals and what-did-i-just-step-in?!'s, wet hair from a last minute shower and the inevitable "i should probably make something for dinner". this is precisely why i love to have some easy meals handy. i'm going to be relying on these even more when littlest jones arrives in a few weeks. we have a little bit of a love affair happening with black beans and who doesn't love good ole beans and rice, with or without pearls?



2 cups uncooked organic brown rice
2 cans organic black beans(do not drain)
1 can organic chopped tomatoes
1 can chopped green chilis
1/4 large onion
2 garlic cloves
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp chili powder
salt and pepper to tase
2 Tbs olive oil
small handful of fresh cilantro


prepare rice according to package. my stove top rice always turns out like oatmeal or tooth-chipping pellets, so i count on my trusty rice cooker every time! chop onion and garlic, saute in olive oil until translucent. add beans, tomatoes, chiles and spices. bring to a boil then turn to simmer. simmer beans until rice is ready to eat. pile it up in a bowl and garnish with cilantro. quick and delish!

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