August 16, 2012


it just keeps happening, doesn't it? i was really hoping this year we could just skip the actual growing up part of her birthday. no such luck. madi belle woke up a whole seven years old today. i can't seem to wrap my mind around it. that tiny little thing who gave me the title of mama, is growing into a lovely little lady before my eyes. we are beyond blessed to have her in our lives.

today we celebrated in typical jones fashion. some special birthday pancakes made by daddy, an early phone call serenade from granny and two of her favorite things, art supplies and a vintage dress. (thanks granny and nana!) charlie even got in on the action with a fancy whipped cream beard.

the littles have been completely sugar wasted all day. it's been a little crazy around here and i'm keeping my fingers crossed for an early bedtime tonight. mostly because i still have a party to plan for saturday and i have nothing at all done. so, off i go to try and muster some party preparation energy. wish me luck and a happy birthday to my sweet girl!


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  1. Adorable! 1- That yellow dress! Gorgeous!
    2- My daughters bday is next month, I always do special pancakes for breakfast too, but never thought about doing them the shape of their age. Brilliant!

    (found ya on Bloggy Mom)