August 25, 2012


what i'm wearing: maxi dress, calvin klein. belt, ralph lauren. locket, gift from the mister.

i am so behind on the littlest jones updates. i planned to get around to it but, it just hasn't happened. i am still feeling great, despite a week or two of zero energy due to anemia. i'm taking an extra iron supplement and glory hallelujah, that stuff makes a huge difference. i am starting to feel tired of being pregnant but, mostly i'm just getting really excited to meet this little boy. i have just about everything ready for his arrival and i'm hoping he'll take after his mama and be a punctual little fella. i've been working on some ideas for handmade gifts to give the other littles when baby is born. hopefully i can get started on that project soon to help pass the time. i'll try to do a little post when they're all finished.

i have to give a shout out to my photographer for the day. she's blonde, long-legged and holds a special place in her mama's heart. the girl's got skills. thank you madi belle!

one quick confession, i currently wear this dress about twice a week. maxi dress + cotton jersey = match made in pregnancy heaven. oh sweet comfort.



  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! I also love your blog design - did you do it yourself?