July 3, 2012


 i stumbled across an old file on our computer today and these are just a handful of the gems i discovered. i must have looked through four hundred pictures of these sweet littles. what precious memories to relive. i've realized the closer we get to adding a new little to our bunch, the more i find myself reminiscing about each year of my kids' lives. they change a little each day and it happens so quickly it seems. last i remember, i never even gave them permission to grow up. i don't know who they think they are. it seems strange now to imagine another little boy in all of our pictures, but i know the moment he arrives it will seem strange to imagine that our lives existed without him. we are all getting really excited to meet this new brother. but, for now i'm enjoying the time i have with just these three. making new memories and reminiscing over old ones.



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  2. They are all so precious! I can't wait to meet number 4.