June 30, 2012


 i have felt overwhelmed with gratitude this past week. maybe it's because of the fires and seeing so many devastating losses. whatever the root of it, i am greatly blessed and for that i am greatly thankful. i am thankful for our wonderful home, the ac unit that was gifted to us this week and the sweet relief from the 100 degree weather that it brings. i am thankful to have my dad living close by and for the safe haven he provided when we had to leave ours. i am thankful for the swimming pool on sale for twenty bucks at target and the multitude of giggles that have accompanied it. i am thankful for a loving and loyal husband, who's rugged handsomeness makes me swoon every day at five o'clock. i am thankful for three sweet littles, who haven't complained once about our lack of outdoor activities this summer due to mama's low tolerance of high temperatures. i am thankful for every kick, jab and jet li move this baby boy gives me each day to remind me that he's happy and healthy.

thankfulness brings contentment. make it a part of your every day. it's guaranteed to add a few more smiles to your life.

how could i not be thankful, right?

DON'T FORGET: visit www.wildfiretees.com and order a t-shirt created by a local colorado designer! 100% of the proceeds benefit the 347 families who lost their homes in the fire. the "Love From Above" tee(pictured below) was designed by mr jones himself! thanks to everyone who has already ordered a tee and prayed for us continually. we love you guys!


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