May 1, 2012


mama's wearing: maxi dress, ralph lauren. belt, thrifted. scarf, gift. boots, steve madden.
here we are at 16 weeks. i'm excited to be feeling wonderful and enjoying having a little baby bump. i'm also getting anxious to know if baby is a boy or girl. four more weeks! i saw our midwife yesterday and heard baby's heartbeat, always fun. baby is kicking a lot more now and i even started having some braxton hicks each day...not terribly happy about that.

things have been relatively quiet around here lately. it's been nice to slow down a bit and just enjoy spending time with the littles. we're counting down the days till my sister visits next week and a road trip to texas the week after. we seriously need a vacation. seriously. until then, we'll be relaxing in the warm spring weather and seeing what kind of trouble we can get into. speaking of trouble, here's a couple photo shoot invaders...

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