April 27, 2012


today was not one of them. it started out poorly and spiraled out of control before i knew what had happened. everyone was up late last night and a certain five year old thought it would be fun to wake the entire family at an unkind hour this morning. any household disaster that could have happened, happened. there were bad attitudes and arguments in great abundance and by eleven o'clock i was on the phone with the mister whining about it all.

however, we all took some much needed time on our own to get our hearts right and after a playdate with some friends and a long walk, things were looking up. i can never say it enough, being outdoors is always uplifting to a grumpy heart. now the littles are resting and mama is sifting through photos of this week's good days. here's a peek.

flowers blooming on the trees in our backyard.

a cup of tea is good for the soul.

the littles made me lunch. fruit salad and a peanut butter and mustard sandwich. i let jack eat the sandwich.

the most precious smile.

a storm blowing in. my texas heart misses a good thunderstorm.


  1. Great pics...hope your day is better!

  2. The curtain blowing is my favorite. It is so soothing sitting in a room with a delicious outdoor breeze finding it's way in to surround you!