May 14, 2013


 lots of crickets have been chirping over here on our little blog. we've been doing our best to keep our family time as our top priority and setting anything aside that interferes with that. we're adjusting and readjusting to changes in life, both big and small. i had some time today between sweeping up shattered glass and nursing a few burned fingers(never drop french toast into sizzling coconut oil) to stop by here and clear out the cobwebs.

i mean to frequent our tiny corner of the cyber world more often this spring and summer, but let's not make any promises just in case life throws another surprise in the mix. we all know it will.

the last few days, jesse finn and i visited with my mom, sisters and brother-in-law in austin. it was warm, shockingly not too humid and a lovely break from our daily grind. we had a fantastic weekend eating at some local favorites, strolling the antique malls, catching up with an old friend, having daily coffee and dessert and laughing till our stomachs ached. jesse and my littlest sis jadyn provided just about all the hilarity and entertainment a girl could ask for.

and did i mention jesse finn tasted his first texas sno cone? it was love at first lick, obviously.

i love coming home to my babies and my bearded man the most though. we're spending the day with new books, comics and toys mommy brought back from texas. it's raining and cool and basically wonderful. ain't no place like home.

until we meet again, tejas.


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