December 12, 2012


 we've had coughs, colds and fevers in abundance the last few days, so when the first big snow came sunday morning no one really felt up to going out to play. also, it was only 8 degrees outside that morning. way too cold for all the sicklies. the next day, in typical colorado springs fashion, the sun was out threatening to melt all that beautiful snow. and by golly, we couldn't be robbed of playing in the first snow of the season. we dug through the boxes of snow gear, sorting out what fit who(the kids are giants and outgrew almost everything from last season) and getting bundled up like ralphie's little brother in the movie a christmas story. i always forget how long it takes to get everyone ready.

we had a great time sledding and throwing snowballs, like the one that took paul by surprise as soon as he stepped out the front door. he had just showered and thus, his time outside was rather short-lived. wet hair and snowballs are not friends. i'm pretty sure charlie ate his weight in snow. i don't know why he thought it tasted so good, but he chomped that powdery goodness up. everything is starting to melt today under the sun and bright blue skies. surely there will be plenty more snow days ahead and hopefully we'll be feeling better when they arrive.


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  1. Jadyn ans I were just watching the videos of our last year sledding shenanigans last night. Fun!