November 8, 2012


PERFECT SUGAR COOKIE RECIPE (for the baking impaired and mamas of many littles)

1. start with this.
2. wait to sweep until flour explosion has come to an end.
3. any hair resembling rapunzel should be pulled back, unless you like furry cookies.
4. in the absence of the appropriate measuring spoon, use palm of hand for exact measurement.
5. ask children prior to baking if their hands are washed, not halfway through.
6. use remaining flour to powder any shiny noses.
7. do not refrigerate dough for full 2 hours, unless you want to know what happens when granite and a rolling pin get together.
8. save baked cookies in a ziploc bag or tupperware, unless you want to chip a tooth the next morning when you sneak one with your morning coffee.
9. if caught by a child with said cookie, give them one to shut them up.
10. when child sells you out to other children, give them each one too.

there it is, a fool proof recipe for the perfect cookies. i don't recommend straying too far from this recipe. bad things will happen. bad. things. enjoy!  



  1. I LOVE this post! So funny and real! Can't get anything past the kiddos. I remember you all even smelling something sweet on my breath! hahahaha

  2. That sounds like a pretty sweet recipe. And easy too!

  3. Going to try this one! Great pictures:)