October 17, 2012


tick tock is what i've been hearing in my head all day, every day for the past few weeks. not to mention, people look at me like i'm a ticking time bomb. i'm admittedly going a tiny bit crazy over here. i know friends and family are just excited for us but, if i get one more text, phone call, facebook message or tweet saying "no baby yet?", i might just have a full on meltdown. baby seems to be nice and cozy on the inside with no intention of coming out...ever. i'm actually ok with him coming whenever he's ready, even though i am getting incredibly anxious to meet him. i've never been pregnant for forty-one weeks and three days, so this is a whole new experience for me. if baby doesn't come before monday, i have to go see an obgyn for a few tests. hoping to avoid that scenario, but we'll see.

so, we've been trying to stay busy and relax around here. we have a new pet squirrel that the kids have named butterfingers. he comes to our back door everyday and waits for the kids to notice him and bring him a snack. i'm pretty sure he would waltz right in the house if we let him. other than that, we've been doing lots of lounging about in our pj's, admiring our new vintage sofa, eating way too much ice cream and catching little boys sneaking into the candy jar. nothing too exciting really. just lots and lots of waiting. tick tock.


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  1. oh man the anticipation is just a killer. I must admit, I have been waiting on instagram to see a new baby! Hopefully baby comes out soon, take a super hot shower, that worked for me :)