July 27, 2012


what i'm wearing: jeans, gap. fringe tunic, free people. scarf, target.
twenty-eight weeks and still feeling great, other than an all-out heartburn battle the past two weeks (which i totally won) time is flying by, thank god. i'm appreciating that now before the impending get this baby out of me phase kicks in. i'm happy to say that my mostly healthy eating and daily yoga have been keeping my weight gain steady for several weeks now. and yes, i know these pictures don't reflect that. note to self, do not recline on the porch swing in maternity photos. won't be making that mistake again.

while reading an article online yesterday, jack looked over my shoulder at a photo and said, "what is that?!" it was a placenta. cue most entertaining and hysterical conversation of my life. he now thinks what a placenta does is pretty cool and never, ever wants to see a picture of one again. i fully agree. on to next week and hopefully more awkwardly wonderful chats.



  1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog. I am about 27 weeks so I'm not too far behind you, and lady... You look fantastic! :) love the porch swing photos. You sweet family is adorable, thanks for sharing!

  2. You are stunning, mama!! Can't wait to see the little sweetie here in a few more months! :D Have a great week!