July 24, 2012


we've found ourselves in the wake of yet another tragedy in colorado. more devastation, more heartbreak, more asking why, more people in need of something. it's easy to get lost in the empathy. my heart hurts over and over again for the families who lost loved ones. i often feel a sense of desperation. what can i do to ease their pain, what can i say to bring comfort and peace, what happened in that man's life to drive him to such evil and who are we to say he isn't in need just like the hurting families? this last month in colorado families have been grieving over lost homes, memories and a destroyed city. now they mourn for lost sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. but, while all this was taking place, something else was happening too...


the video above, made by my ridiculously talented husband, is just a short recap of the past two weeks on the streets of colorado springs. hundreds of hurting people found a hope and gave their hearts to god in exchange for a new life. there is something we have to offer in the midst of tragedy and devastation. if you've found a hope in jesus and come across someone in need this week, will you offer them a message of hope? it might just be their last chance.



  1. Wow, so powerful. So moving. God is amazing!