July 10, 2012


mostly day dreaming about sleeping. also of creating a whimsical outdoor space(like the one above) to promote day dreaming and sleeping. i have been utterly exhausted the past few days and my nights have looked something like 1. up all night with a grouchy toddler 2. up all night with a headache and leg cramps 3. up all night with a sick little girl. i used to pride myself on functioning well with very little sleep. it's just not cutting right now. this third trimester came at me like a ton of bricks and my family will be the first to tell you i've been far less pleasant as a result. mr jones has been so lovely, cooking and cleaning for us. i think i'm most impressed with his ability not to reciprocate my bad attitude. i'm very thankful for him.

hormones are so crazy. i can't say i'm terribly fond of the abrupt changes they bring, but i am determined to overcome them. this pregnancy has been super easy so far and i'm not about to give in to misery now. i'm usually a very social gal and love spending time out and about. however, for the sake of sanity i've decided my goal until baby comes will be rest, relax, sleep, enjoy quiet moments with the littles, go on far more dates with the mister, not act like a total lunatic reclaim my more cheerful demeanor. oh and get started on that outdoor haven and daydream....about sleeping. 


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  1. I came by a few minutes ago to thank you for linking up with the mommy brain mixer and haven't been able to stop reading since! I have an 8 month old and boy, I did not get much sleep that last trimester with my then 2 year old always sneaking into our bedroom. I feel for you and hope you're getting more sleep these days. It seems to me that when I get regular long nights of sleep, I can't function when I have a bad night with the little, but yet if I am regularly not getting sleep, I'm okay on bad nights! On another note, that outdoor space looks absolutely dreamy and I wish I were laying on it right this second. Now following :)