June 4, 2012


a few days ago i picked up my camera to do a photo shoot reveal with the big baby news and my camera lens fell apart. it fell apart! ugh, so frustrating. now i have to rely on my trusty iphone camera until i can purchase a new lens. good thing my birthday is coming up.

last week we headed to our ultrasound with all three littles in tow. they weren't about to be left out when it came to finding out the baby's sex. everyone weighed in with their vote on the drive to our midwife's office. the votes were girl, girl, girl, girl and boy<--mommy's vote. well, i won! we're having another sweet little boy. as expected, big sister wasn't too thrilled about the news. after a few minutes of telling her how special it will be to be the only girl and how she will never have to share her room, she came around. now she can't stop talking about him and how she's going to change his diapers and feed him. she's going to be a stellar big sister, again. paul and i are thrilled about having another little man around the house and think we may have even decided on a name. :) we can't wait until he's here!

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  1. PawPaw and I are thrilled! Congratulations to all of you! Love to you all.