June 18, 2012


our daddy is...

really silly
the best daddy
good at playing games
good at playing guitar
so good at pushing swings high
-madi, jack and charlie

for father's day the kids wanted to give daddy a makeover. i don't know how they come up with their ideas. two five dollar bills and one dollar store shopping spree later, they came out with all this. i snapped these photos at 6am yesterday because the kids couldn't wait until after church to give daddy his gifts. let me tell you, when it comes to celebrating, these kids can rally at any hour.  also, they are seriously hilarious and they get that from their daddy. they love the heck outta him. as if you couldn't tell already. 

i am so thankful for everything that paul gives to them, from their blue eyes to their outstanding sense of humor. and maybe even the passing down of a serious obsession with homemade stove top popcorn. he is everything i dreamed of seeing in a father for my kids and we are all getting suspicious that he might have actually hung the moon. at least in our world. we love you paul jones. you are the best daddy.

and to my own daddy, you are the wisest most honorable father i could imagine. and i will always be thankful that god gave you to me. i love you.


  1. what lovely pictures! love your blog- it's so clean and fresh. found you via the wiegands link up xo

  2. thanks Lissa! i'm looking forward to taking a peek at your blog today!