May 7, 2012


oh how we have been waiting for a day like this. it was lovely to get some yard work done on saturday and let the kids run wild in the sprinkler. they obviously had a great time. there were a few episodes of water in the eyes, a two year old nudist and a few pink shoulders later on. but is was worth it. today we're lingering on this warm, sunny day as it is currently snowing outside...whaaat?! colorado weather is unpredictable to say the least. now mama has a sore throat and a sinus headache. yuck. one week from today we will be in sunny, humid texas and we. cannot. wait. my sister is arriving wednesday night from austin and we are crazy excited to see her. so tomorrow, today's gloom will be stricken from our memories and we will be basking in the sun once again. oh happy day.

one last note, mister jones got a special delivery last week and he is in heaven. here's the newest member of the jones family...

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  1. I love it. You have yourself a beautiful family, lady.