April 16, 2012

Meet The Joneses

this is me. bette lynn. wife to a rock star. mama to the three most darling littles you ever did see and another sweet little arriving this fall. lover of all things simple and old fashioned. a little bit crunchy and a lot happy. this is my blog about it all.

this is mr jones. he goes by paul and daddy too. self-taught guitar genius, photographer and videographer. immensely talented and successful at anything he put his hands to. amazing husband, the best daddy.

this is madi belle. our little free spirit. lover of all things fancy and feminine. songwriter, art creator, animal rescuer, fashion designer, friend maker. 

this is jackson david. we call him jacksie. timid on the outside, fiercely brave on the inside. outdoor adventurer, indoor gamer, daddy impersonator, superhero, jedi knight.

this is charlie hayden. our littlest little, at least for now. he is, in every definition, his own man. fearful of nothing, curious of everything, not to be stopped at any cost. 

this is our family. it's nice to meet you.


  1. This is awesome! You guys are so beautiful!

  2. love Love LOVE! Just saved every single picture to my laptop so that I can see them every day. :)
    Can't wait for MORE posts!!!

  3. I love! So happy you started blogging!

  4. Gorgeous family and congrats on the newest! :)